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Festival attendees at a pool party hanging out


San Diego Pride volunteers posed under a rainbow inflatable


Organize your next event with confidence with Triple Pocket Events. Our team takes away the stress of event planning and provides a playful and trustworthy space for your event to come to life. Prioritizing intention and vision, our team takes great care to ensure all production logistics, marketing, and attendee engagement are successfully aligned with the goals and purpose of the event.

As a trusted full service event production company, we take care of everything surrounding the event, including venue scouting, food and beverage selection, event staffing, rentals, design and decor, entertainment (including audio-visual components), transportation, and any other event-specific needs. 


Our modern world requires modern solutions. We curate beautifully produced virtual events, so you can connect with your network near or far.

Partnered with virtual event platforms that create experiences way beyond your typical work zoom calls, we’ve successfully produced virtual events for digital book tours, conferences, festivals, business launches, and more - for groups of 5 to 30,000 attendees.

We handle every detail, including event consultation and initial planning, virtual platform management, marketing, registration, and IT support.

Remo Conference virtual meeting room with icons of tables, chairs, stage, and speaker system
Event attendees at a dinner party with a screen projection in the background


Hybrid events are gaining popularity in the event industry and are perfect for those who want to reach attendees both in a live setting and via a virtual experience.

We've produced hybrid events that include live wellness retreats with a virtual keynote presentation, large corporate conferences with smaller virtual meetings and breakout sessions, and a live album release party with a virtual cocktail hour, to name a few.

Hybrid events give you the most access to your audience without diminishing personal connection.

Rainbow colored sandwiches on a platter


As a full service event production company, we handle everything for you. And we mean everything:


Our team of professional project managers will guide you every step of the way, managing your live, virtual, or hybrid event.


As professional partiers, we know a thing or two about entertainment! We arrange all of the music, presenters, AV and speaker rentals, and audio-visual components.


We have a detailed eye to find and secure an event venue that perfectly matches your live event needs and desires.


Our design team is known for bringing our clients’ mental image of their dream event into the physical reality - and exceeding their expectations.


Delicious and event relevant food and beverages are a key element to an event guests go home talking about, which is why we prioritize excellent food and beverage vendors.


With over 15 years of experience, we work only with vendor partners and on-site staff we have total confidence in - so you can too.


What good is a great event if guests can’t get there? As part of our full service, we book and manage transportation to and from the event, so we can ensure guests arrive on time and get home safely.


It’s not just invitations. We provide event strategy consulting, ticket sales management, and marketing tools so your event has a full RSVP list.

We will lead you through the entire event process and provide consistent, clear communication leading up to and after your event, so you never have to wonder about a thing.

And on the day of, we will still be there for you - did you think we would miss a good party?!

“When an event is designed with attention to all five senses there is a certain unity that takes place amongst attendees - a harmony that leads to rhythmic flow of inspired communication.”

- Yinka Freeman, CEO & Founder, Triple Pocket Events

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