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Even without a parade, these San Diegans vow to celebrate Pride. We captured their photos as they told us ‘What Pride means to me ...’

Events industry workers march in downtown San Diego; call for reopening guidelines, small business aid...

In this interview, we sit down with Yinka Freeman, owner of Triple Pocket Events to discuss how she has redefined what ROI means...not return on investment but return on intention.

Yinka Freeman knows how to WOW...

Events are no longer enough. Everyone is turning to 365 communities. Engaging your audience year-round brings higher ROI, brand loyalty and data, as proven by these panelists who've already embraced community business models.

One of the worst and best struggles has been building an events business during the pandemic, where events were one of the first things to get canceled. Having to survive and thrive during a global crisis has challenged me in ways I never imagined. It’s tested my confidence, strength, experience, knowledge and most of all my passion for the industry...

Starting my own event planning business had been in the back of my mind for years, but like so many others out there, fear always took over. People around me would always tell me to start my own business and that I would succeed but it was hard to fully listen...

Come starting every position as your true self, believe it’ll make your life a lot easier and happier. The events industry is big yet can be quite small at the same time where we all end up knowing each other, so you want to make sure that you are being true to who you are. Have that trans pride pin or rainbow flag proudly displayed in your office...

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