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Think the glitz and glamour of an award night or gala to the clean-cut professionalism of a

conference to the magic, love, and exuberance of a 50th marriage anniversary to even the

“awwww” moments of a baby shower. Behind the scenes, someone is right in the middle pulling strings and tying up loose ends; making sure dreams are made a reality and expectations met. That person is an event planner.

An event planner’s services are required for various events classified under Charity, Private and Corporate events.


An event planner takes all the responsibilities of an event upon themselves. They have a zest toward an event that can be compared to how an entrepreneur views his business; owning every aspect of an event, ensuring that every single detail of the event is as it should be. This could range from scouting/deciding on locations, hiring the entertainment, food vendors, and other personnel as well as arranging accommodation and transportation for guests if the need arises. Event planners also called event coordinators, event organizers or event project managers are essentially the backbones of any event, acting as creative directors, an advisory body, logistics personnel, conceptualization experts, production team, crisis specialist, etc.


  • Good interpersonal/ relationship skills: This can come in very handy in handling both clients and vendors alike. As much as event planners body an event, their vendors are their backbone. It is important to maintain a cohesive relationship with your vendors and deliver effective service. Funke Bucknor-Obruthe, a Nigerian marriage event management expert, advised that “The ability to remain calm is also essential as nerves will be touched, tempers will run high and many things will definitely not go as planned”.

  • Listening skills: Some of the best event planners are great listeners. It is in listening that you pick up details, cues, and ideas from your client. This is especially the case in planning a big company event; a great event planner makes the client the center of attention. Paying attention to detail will help you add fine touches to your delivery; bringing even the minutiae of your client’s expectations to reality.

  • Highly Creative: Whether it’s planning a business conference in a month with all the works or organizing a small conference, tilting towards the minimalistic. Combining themes, blending colors, and scouting perfect locations; all hang on creativity. An event planner has to be a very creative person to be able to work with varying timeframes, schedules, trends, designs, and requirements.

  • Organizational skills: Documenting and journaling your activities helps you keep track of things as they shape up. This is especially important in knowing what has been done or requires doing. Having an event planner for this will definitely help in areas of budget planning, detailing timelines and schedules, a payment plan for vendors, etc.

  • Negotiating skills: Playing the role of a middleman between the clients and vendors requires you to be a great negotiator. The aim should be to get the best services at the most affordable prices for the client while looking out for great vendors. Determine what your charge rate would be, ranging from flat fees to percentages or both.

Event planning and the new normal

Event planning has, in times past, been an onsite and mostly physical affair as most of the

interactions are contact-based. Covid-19 comes along and puts a spanner in that wheel of

“events”, demanding social distancing and isolation in some parts. This is where creativity

comes in and event management companies like Triple Pocket Events have bridged that

gap, specializing in producing virtual and hybrid events; rising to the occasion, and

managing online events from start (registration, platform tech) to finish (post-event


Work environment

Event planners work in and out-of-office schedule, sometimes spending long hours, mostly

on days before the event. Formal education or degree is not required for this career path

however, some event planners have a degree in hospitality management.


The extreme necessity of event planners for an event cannot be overstated. So to enjoy your

big day or milestone, turn things over to an event planner, kick back, immerse yourself in

your moment and make memories without having to worry about

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