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5 fun virtual event ideas to make your event fun and engaging

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Events had always maintained an onsite, physical quality; with several folks attending so as to satisfy the need for human interaction and contact-contact...well, that’s something COVID-19 isn’t so fond of.

More attention is being paid to virtual and hybrid events now more than ever. Virtual events statistics in 2020 alone were estimated at close to $78 billion and are expected to increase at 23.3% per annum from 2020 to 2027. In the past year, Virtual event companies like the Triple Pockets events have sprung up identifying a need for their services and rising to the challenge. A previous article stated “adaptability and adjusting quickly to trends" as one of the many qualities of an event planner and that strength comes to light in these present times.

Events can be quite difficult to manage, adding live streaming or virtual activity is yet another hurdle to cross. How do you host your events if your guests can’t be in the same physical space? What are some fun virtual event ideas to keep your audience engaged and your event lively? Are there upsides to hosting a virtual event?

What are Virtual events?

A virtual event is a fun event that takes place on an online platform e.g. Zoom, Webex, Google meet, with attendance being remote. A physical venue or attendance is not necessary. Virtual events include virtual conferences, virtual social events, virtual corporate events. Virtual events are sought after in this period because of its compliance with social distancing regulations as well as other benefits we would explore.

Virtual events have to be very engaging as your audience can easily become disinterested and exit the platform. Here are...

5 fun virtual event ideas to make your event fun and engaging.

  • Virtual photo booths:

This is a fun way to engage your audience in an interactive manner. You could start the event off by asking your audience to send in pictures of themselves. As the event progresses, you drop colourful collages or compilations of pictures that have been sent in. Doing this in batches with inspiring or nice words helps to liven things up and interest your audience as they would be attentive and on the lookout for when their picture would pop up.

  • Virtual games:

Incorporating games into any event is a sure way to keep your audience engaged. Pick out games that demand your audience's attention such as trivia, charades, online poker etc. Splitting your audience into teams and attaching a reward to it brings a competitive edge to this session and compels them to bring their “A game".

  • Virtual Karaoke:

When your online event has gone on for a while, shake things up by having a virtual karaoke. Ask your audience prior to sending in song preferences and then compile them. This is an awesome ice breaker move, it also takes away a bit of the spotlight from you and focuses on your audience; they become the content providers. Encourage them to be as original and creative in their presentation as possible.

  • Breakout rooms:

This is an extremely awesome virtual networking idea! Create different breakout rooms eg. A virtual fair or an online art exhibition that aligns with your event while still being interesting enough to grab your audience’s attention and curiosity. This is especially helpful in planning hybrid events. At the very start of your event, showcase the different breakout rooms available. This liberty/ prospect of choosing and interacting with new people will not only excite your audience but keep them interested.

  • Online tutorials sessions:

Most people love to learn something new and fun at the same time. You could get a chef to come teach a new food recipe, a makeup artist to give new makeup tips or perspectives or you could even share a recent DIY technique you tried out and was successful at. To spice things further, you could pick out audience members to share their favorite dishes and how to make them. This is also further engaging and interactive.

Some benefits of hosting an online virtual event includes:

  • Reaching a larger and wider audience.

  • Relatively cheaper and easier to manage as you worry less about venues, lodgings for guests and logistics.

  • Easier collaboration and social interactions.

  • Longer event lifespan as you can reach out to your audience even after the event is over with their info.

  • Immersive learning experience and more feedback opportunities.

In conclusion

Virtual and hybrid events are the future of events planning and execution. This digital shift calls for flexibility in thinking and action for both your growth and the growth of your business. Be unafraid to take that bold step into the endless possibilities hybrid and virtual events offer.

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